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Beautiful craftsmanship

The jewelry I recieved is abosolutely stunning. Love every single piece. Will be puchasing more in the future.


I have purchased from here previously and the earrings were silver. I purchased again recently to replace one that I had lost and it was a darker metal that was nowhere near matching what I had before. Since I have two cartilage hoops right next to each other it looks terrible not matching, I had to take it out. Disappointed :( and yes, I double checked that I had ordered silver...

It's unfortunate to hear that you don't love your new hoop! This listing is for a niobium hoop (niobium is a dark grey color) with a sterling silver coil - I only sell niobium hoops now. It will look darker and unmatched next to a sterling silver hoop :)
Beautiful piece

It fits perfect and it looks great one me! Beautiful craftsmanship!

Internal Bioflex Post
Not sure if worth it...

Okay I didn't think there would literally be ONE tiny plastic post. That's a bit ridiculous. The picture had at least 4, so I thought it was one pack of a few. I haven't worn it yet but it better be some hella amazing durable post.


I’m very happy. My only complaint is that the screw part that is I my nostril is kind of big? Long? Which makes it a bit easier for it to get snagged but that is how most nose screws are. I really want to try out your push pin jewelry. Also, when I first made my order I put in the wrong gauge and I freaked out and sent messages. I got a reply the very next day and it was assured that it would be fixed. I always appreciate when a seller respects their customers.

Evergreen Beaded Nose Ring

I absolutely love everything about the ring itself and the process of getting it. The nose ring is beautiful, I used the reference guide provided by Metal Lotus to get the correct size, and the packaging was even nice and had a personalized note. I will continue to make purchases from them in the future!


Arizona, Beaded Nose Ring Hoop

LOVE LOVE LOVE this jewelry

Every time I order something I am NEVER disappointed! This is the best quality and I always get so many compliments!!!

I love this earring!

I was worried the actual bird was going to be big and look weird, but it’s super small, the perfect size for my tragus! I’ve had it in for a week and my ears have felt fine, and it hasn’t fallen out (despite me sleeping with it in etc). It was easy to put in and she had it to me pretty quickly for something handmade. I highly recommend this little raven earring!

Octopus Nose Stud

Absolutely beautiful. The noise ring is super tiny and so detailed. I love it and the octopus is so adorable!

love my gold hoop!

I love my gold hoop that I got for my nose piercing. It's the perfect size, was easy to put in, and the packaging it came in was super cute. :)

Love it!

This piece is beautiful. I really love it.

Opal pushfit

Beautiful workmanship on the opal....dragonfly and butterfly. Excellent customer service and prompt replies to e mails. Very pleased..Also thank you for the special gift for Christmas very much appreciated and a nice suprise.Beautifully packaged as well....will be a repeat customer


Love everything about it, down to the packaging. Will be buying others.

Silver Dragonfly Pushfit Stud
Pushpin silver dragonfly and butterfly

I absolutely love these...they are beautifully crafted and I can't wait to wear them unfortunately I have to wait until my piercing is fully it was only done three weeks ago....I also received an added gift for Christmas....very thoughtful and unexpected.....Thank you so much.

Silver Heart Pushfit Stud
Heart ❤️

Looks great..classy and simple


3mm Peridot Pushfit Stud

Internal Bioflex Post

Exactly what I ordered!

Silver Ankh Pushfit Stud

Love this piece so much! Sizing is perfect. Will def be back to order more pieces.

Silver Triangle Nose Stud
Nose studs silver

Order arrived and everything was perfect! V happy customer

Great piece for medusa

Wanted to switch up my face jewelry and I’m glad I did! This little piece is super flattering and comfortable. Shipping was fast too!


Silver Dog Nose Stud

Niobium nose ring

Great little ring. Easy to twist open. Good polish, too. Would repurchase!

Gold Hoop - fantastic!

I absolutely love my new gold hoop! At first I was afraid I had ordered it too big, but after a few days of wear I think it’s perfect. The quality is excellent and customer service can’t be beat. Highly recommend!

Very flashy

It’s a great quality stone for such a small size. It has a great deal of flash on the labradorite. I love it. I’m a return customer. I was getting things from your Etsy shop instead of your website so I wasn’t getting points. It’s fine. I’m getting them now. I recommend this stud to anyone. The length and gauge are customizable so it can work for different piercings.


Ancient - Pink Tourmaline Disc Pushfit Stud


Silver Saguaro Cactus Nose Stud

5 Stars

I haven't taken it out of my ear since it came. It's cute, dainty, and the perfect amount of scaly love! The size in the picture doesn't do the artist justice. I am amazed by the amount of detail she put into such a small piece of art. Fantastic!

Love the tiger eye

Wish the tiger eye was a little bigger or a little less of the silver around because it sticks out a bit too far. Otherwise love it.


Ice, Beaded Nose Ring Hoop

Silver Playful Cat Pushfit Stud
Tiny & Polished

As a cat lover, my look is not complete without a cat somewhere on me. I love the playful shape of this earring. I, like another reviewer, was worried that it would be too big, but I was pleasantly surprised. The shape is so detailed and dainty, despite the earring being small enough to wear it on the thinnest part of my ear (seen in the photo). It is so comfortable to wear and I no longer have to worry about the sharp backs of a standard earring poking me while I sleep. How have I never known of bioflex posts before this!? I used a caliper to measure my skin and went with the 8mm and it is perfect. This piercing is fairly new (compared to my others) at around 2 months old, but I wanted to be safe and give it a little more breathing room just in case it swelled during the last healing stages. Everything is all healed up now, but the 8mm is still perfect to make sure it doesn't look like it's embedded in the skin. I love the polished but lightly textured look and overall am thrilled with the piece.

Beautiful Quality Jewelry

It's really hard to find unique earrings outside the standard CBR and diamond studs for cartilage earrings. I was glad to see these "ancient" collection pieces that are a really nice, rustic change. Combined with the herkimer quartz stud earring in my tragus, I love the unfinished look to everything. This pink tourmaline was a beautiful addition to my earrings. I found it wasn't quite as vibrant as the pictures on the item page were, but I know gemstones are all different and colors vary. I think my next purchase will be one a little more vibrant, but the silver sets off nicely because of the paler stone. As you can see in my pictures the stud does stick out a lot, but that is my own fault purchasing the 8mm bioflex post when I should've gone with the 6mm. I thought I could trim the 8mm down to fit, but the charm only pushes in a certain amount, leaving a gap regardless of how thick the cartilage actually is. I will happily purchase a new 6mm, though, and simply swap them out and that should make it much more snug and less prone to sliding back and forth and potentially getting caught. Otherwise, wearing it is smooth and comfortable. I was wearing a hoop that was constantly irritating my piercing, especially when I slept on it. I felt like I constantly have a keloid scar popping up. Once switching to this earring, it completely went away and my piercing looks gorgeous and healthy. I love Amber's work and find the price completely worth it for the quality and originality. I am already a repeat customer and looking for more items for my numerous piercings.

ROUGH Herkimer Quartz Pushfit Stud
Beautiful, Unique, Dainty

I really love this stud! It is so unique and dainty and really glitters in the right light. It's so simple to put in and there are no rough edges, so I don't worry even a bit about it catching on something and getting yanked out. It's also very comfortable and I have had no issues with it since putting it in. Sometimes the hoops in my tragus would move too much and it would get irritated (though I've had the piercing for 2+ years). With this in place and the flat-backed bioflex post, there is no irritation at all. I admit I got the 8mm long post thinking I could cut it down to size but the charm only pushes in a certain amount, even if you cut down the length of the bioflex. Because of that there is a lot of movement in the earring, but that's my fault for not just buying the 6mm length when it made more sense for a small area like the tragus. I will happily purchase a 6mm back, though, and should be able to easily swap it out so it fits much more snug. I still give 5 stars because it was my own error. Also, though I wanted to submit this as a "verified purchase" review I was not able to submit pictures. I feel pictures are helpful for potential buyers to see the size of the item once it's on and hope mine will be beneficial for anyone interested!

best noserings ever!

i have bought over a dozen beaded hoop nose rings and i love every single one of them! they are great quality and everyday people always compliment me on my nosering and ask where i get them. she even custom made me one for a wedding and shipped it so quickly, the color matched perfectly and she replies to your emails fast also. great customer service, i love them all, and would recomend them to everyone!!

Beautiful Artisianship

I searched for months to find just the right little hoop to adorn my nose. I knew I didn’t want anything plain and when I stumbled upon Caterpillar Arts I was intrigued. Halloween is my favorite time of year and finding a nose ring that incorporated the subtle colors with precious tiny beads weaved together by intricate wire work both surprised and amazed me. Not to mention it’s name, “Witch’s Brew.” The ring is delicate and so cute, and it fits perfectly. I am totally in love with it. I will definitely be ordering more nose jewelry from this talented artist.

stunning nose rings

I ordered 4 beaded nose rings and all of them are gorgeous

4 nose rings



I love the malachite nose stud it is very beautiful! Although I did not realize it would be such a big stud as I became accustomed to the tiny crystal stud I had before. Nonetheless, it is a super cute stud!!!

Great Hoop!

At first I had a little trouble putting it on right but I did it. It is a great piece of jewelry and I love it! For sure going to buy more!


Silver Crescent Moon Pushfit Stud

ROUGH Herkimer Quartz Pushfit Stud
Just perfect.

It really catches the light and shines! Thanks so much for another wonderful piece!!

Sterling Silver Hoop
Really great product!

I love the hoop that I got! But unfortunately, I ordered a size too small so I am going to have to order another one. But thats my fault!

Silver Climbing Frog Pushfit Stud

This is the most sturdy, well-made, tiny tragus jewelry I've ever purchased.

Push Studs

I'm new to nose jewelry but I was able to get a lot of questions personally answered and the studs came in a sweet package. I love them. The stud was more difficult to put in it's really comfortable once in.

14k Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Pushfit Stud
I love my moon stud!

It looks perfect in my tragus piercing. I had my piercer switch it in from my last stud, and he commented on how nice the piece was. I love it. Thank you!

Love it!

All of the pieces I received were amazing! Well made and sturdy, tiny!

3mm Baltic Amber

The color is unique and size compliments my nose. I don't even know it's there. Very fine craftsmanship. Will purchase again in the future!

Internal Bioflex Post
Great idea

I have been looking for something with a flat back but all my earrings I liked didn't come with them so when I found these I was over the moon. However I got the ones that don't fit over mine. So I ruined two of them by trying to force them on. I have 12 piercings and wanted them to be able to sleep with them in but however I wont be able to now. Sad. Maybe next month ill have some extra money to buy the bigger ones because this is just what I need! 5 stars for idea 4 stars because I cant use them :(

Internal Bioflex Post
5 star

Internal Bioflex Post

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