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Measuring Your Ear Piercing

If you want your hoop earrings to fit snugly against the bottom of your earlobe, then it's incredibly important to measure your actual piercing. A hoop that hugs the earlobe is more comfortable to sleep in and is less likely to snag on clothing or hair during daily activities. 

  1. Starting with the piercing hole, measure in a straight line down to the bottom of your earlobe - the most accurate method is to use a caliper, but a ruler will work just fine for this, too. This measurement is the smallest inner diameter that you can wear. If you are going to get a beaded hoop, make sure that you add 1mm to this measurement to accommodate the size of the beads that I use. 
  2. It's really important to make sure the hoop doesn't fit too tightly - a hoop that is too small will dig into the earlobe and cause discomfort. Avoid an improper fit by always rounding up to the next whole number if you are in between sizes. For example, if the distance that you measured is 6.7mm, then round up to a 7mm inner diameter. 

Don't want a close-fitting hoop earring? No problem! Just add 1mm-3mm to the measurement that you obtained using the above steps and you'll get a looser fit.


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