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Simple Nose Ring Designs

Sometimes, the best nose ring designs are the simplest ones - easy to insert, remove, and to keep clean. The following simple nose ring designs are available in your choice of 22 gauge, 20 gauge, and 18 gauge. You can also choose from a variety of inner diameter sizes (from 6mm-11mm) to ensure you get a perfect fit that hugs your nose piercing. Please note, a 22 gauge nose ring is thinner than the average nose piercing. 

Confused by all the different sizes available? No worries, I've made a measuring guide that's super helpful for figuring out which inner diameter to order: How to Measure Your Nose Piercing

Why choose a simple nose ring design in niobium?

Never heard of niobium piercing jewelry before? It's awesome (and my favorite metal to wear, personally)! Niobium nose hoops are a safe alternative for people that can't wear most metals, they don't contain any nickel, and they won't turn weird colors in your piercing or start to tarnish inside your nose. It's really easy to keep them brand new looking with just a simple rinse under soapy water and an occasional polish with a soft cloth.