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Unique Wearable Art Nose Ring Studs

Make a statement by wearing a tiny piece of art on your nose - choose your favorite from all kinds of cute, creepy and weird animals! All the pieces in this collection were initially hand drawn by me, one detail at a time, with careful consideration to how the final design would wear comfort-wise on your nose piercing. I made sure the finished designs were tiny enough to look nice as nose jewelry without completely overwhelming the nose. 

You choose the bend you like best for your nose ring stud

Because I make each one of these nose rings, I can offer all kinds of different bend options - I'm even able to completely customize the stud for you if you need a different wearable length (rise) or bend length. Not sure if you should choose a screw, an L-bend, a bone, or a fishtail nose ring? No worries, I have a handy guide to help you out with that: Choosing a Nose Stud Bend 

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