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Gold Nose Rings

Gold Nose Rings in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold & White Gold

Gold nose rings never fall out of style, whether you choose a simple seamless design or a fancier beaded one. The nose hoops in this collection are made out solid 14-karat and 18-karat gold (never plated or filled) in your choice of gauge. The seamless gold hoops are available in 22 gauge, 20 gauge, 18 gauge and 16 gauge; the beaded hoops are only available in 22 gauge and 20 gauge. I currently make nose rings out of yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium-white gold (nickel free). 

That's a lot of sizes of gold nose rings! How do I know my nose ring size?

Not sure what size nose hoop you wear? No problem! Just measure the distance from the piercing hole to the edge of your nostril - this will be the inner diameter that you want to select if you want a snug fitting seamless ring. You will need to add 1mm to that size if you're ordering a ring with beads. If you need help with sizing, feel free to get in touch or check my guide here: How to Measure Your Nose Piercing

I'm always open to making custom gold nose hoops if you don't see the perfect bead color combination that you want! 

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