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Gemstone Push-fit Studs

Colorful, Semi-Precious Gemstone Studs

Featuring some of my favorite semi-precious gemstones, the push-fit studs in this collection are the perfect size to use as tragus earrings - they also look awesome in helix, conch, lip, and multiple lobe piercings! The 3mm earring size is big enough to get noticed, but isn't so large that it gets in the way of other piercings or hangs awkwardly off your tragus.

I carefully set all of my stones by hand individually using traditional stone setting tools so that they are completely secure in their silver bezel settings - I never use glue in my work. These gemstone studs come with a Bioflex labret backing. Learn how to insert your stud here: Inserting Studs with Bioflex Backings

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