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Nose Studs Hand-set with Gorgeous Stones

Looking for nose rings set with hard to find gemstones, like labradorite, rainbow moonstone, malachite, and Baltic amber? I've got you covered, those are my favorites, too!

Nose studs with bezel-set stones are more durable than their prong-set counterparts - you don't have to worry about the gemstone falling out because the bezel walls are closed completely around the rim of the cabochon keeping it securely in place. Want to know another awesome perk to rocking a bezel? No snagging on your clothes, bedding, or tissues.

Do 3mm nose studs look huge? 

All of the stones in this collection measure 3mm, not tiny looking but also not too large for most noses - perfect for when you actually want people to know you have your nose pierced. Of course, some of them have discs and other shapes behind the stone which will add size. Make sure you look at the description details to find out how large the total charm will be!

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