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Unique, Colorful & Never Boring Nose Piercing Jewelry

Tired of seeing all the same nose piercing jewelry selections out there, I started creating my own charms to use in my work for some truly unique nose studs that you can't find anywhere else! Each whimsical creature starts out as a drawing in my sketchbook before it becomes a perfectly detailed, tiny charm for your nose - I'm sure you'll be able to find your favorite animal listed below. And if you can't, it may be coming soon! I'm always adding more interesting animal piercing jewelry designs to my shop. 

In addition to the unique animal charms, you'll also find a growing assortment of different and sometimes hard to find gemstone nose studs - like labradorite, malachite, flashy rainbow moonstone, and Baltic amber. I hand set each stone one-by-one in every nose ring, and I don't use glue to keep the stones in their settings - the walls are folded down over the rim of each stone so it stays secure for you to wear. 

I'm new to nose piercing jewelry, do I need a left or right bend?

Not sure which bend direction you need on your nose stud? No problem! In my shop, the "Left" and "Right" selections on the screw nose studs and L-shape nose rings is not referring to which nostril you wear your jewelry on - it's the direction of the bend when directly looking at the stud. I've put together a handy guide for determining this here: Do I Need a Left or a Right Bend for My Nose Piercing 

In love with one of the beaded nose hoops, but not sure which inner diameter to choose? I can help with that! Check out my measuring guide here: Measuring Your Nose Piercing for a Hoop

Niobium Endless Hoop
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