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Awesome Cartilage Earrings Unique to Metal Lotus

If you're tired of searching for quirky, artistic-looking cartilage earrings that match your personality, then you're in the right place! Below you'll not only find animal earrings that you can't find anywhere else, but also some genuine, high quality gemstones that aren't easy to find in piercing jewelry - like malachite, Baltic amber, and flashy labradorite. 

All of the tiny, detailed creatures in this collection came straight from my sketchbook, and I'm always adding more - if you don't see your favorite, I'm open to suggestions. I carefully designed each one so that you can wear it in multiple ear piercing locations without it being too large or getting in the way. They look great wherever you put them, like your tragus, conch, or helix piercing! There are three backing types offered: o-rings, internally threaded labrets, and push-fit backings.

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